The Tide is Changing

The housing market is shifting towards a seller’s market and inventory levels are falling in York County.  This is great news for so many sellers that have been waiting for home values to rise since the Great Recession.  We are actually seeing multiple offers on the best properties in the best areas of the County.  Buyers that are focused on specific school districts are faced with very limited choices for their next home.

So do you really need a real estate professional in a HOT market?  Or can you just put a For Sale sign up in the yard and sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in?  Well here are 10 reasons why you need a real estate professional to help you buy or sell a home in this market.

  1. Only the best homes are selling. Buyers are fighting over the best homes while older and more dated homes just sit on the market and linger.  One of the services that I offer my clients is a pre-listing consultation.  I help homeowners understand what today’s buyers are specifically looking for in a home.  My team works with sellers to create a budget and a list of repairs or improvements that will make their home more marketable and generate the highest return on their investment.
  2. Pricing a home correctly. In a hot market many sellers are tempted to price a home too high. Buyers may be tempted to look at the home, but a home that is priced too high will not receive legitimate offers.  This market may not last and no one wants their home lingering on the market getting stale.  A home priced correctly for the current market will bring the strongest offers quickly.
  3. Pricing a home too low. Many sellers believe that the county assessment is a true and accurate valuation of a property. Assessments are only accurate at one point in time every two years.  In a fluctuating market assessments can be grossly inaccurate.  Only a real estate professional that is active in a local market will be able to properly establish the correct market value.
  4. Effective Marketing Campaign. Great marketing attracts the most and best buyers. Placing an ad in a local newspaper and a handwritten For Sale sign doesn’t cut it any more.  Our team utilizes only the best real estate photographers in the area.  We have a full time marketing director that creates stunning print and digital marketing campaigns.  The real estate advertising world is changing so quickly.  What worked last year is so out of date today.  Buyers home search methods are constantly moving to new platforms and only the best agents understand how to attract them.
  5. Understanding Sellers Concessions. No one wants to pay someone else’s closing costs. For the last four or five years, sellers were faced with paying buyers closing costs.  In a rising market, sellers have a stronger negotiating position and a strong agent can help them net the most money for their home.  If you aren’t selling dozens of homes a year, you can’t understand exactly how far you can squeeze a deal.
  6. Negotiating the best deal. If all deals were full price with no seller concessions then negotiating would be easy. But most contacts don’t come in like that.  Buyers make low initial offers and the true art of negotiating is how high you can get them without losing the deal. Knowing current inventory levels helps understand a buyer’s motivation.
  7. Evaluating home inspection repairs. Receiving a list of repairs scares most sellers. Understanding the deficiency, repair options and repair costs helps sellers evaluate the complete contract. As a past contractor I can help sellers decide which repairs are important and which repairs can be omitted from a contract.
  8. Working with Appraisers – My team sells homes everyday in Yorktown and we understand the current market values, but that doesn’t mean that every appraiser has the same knowledge base. We work side by side with appraisers to provide them with a complete list of upgrades and features of your home as well as the same comparable market evaluation that I used to help determine your perfect sales price.
  9. Keeping the mortgage process moving – Part of the services that we provide to our clients are our transaction coordinator services. We have a dedicated team member that manages your sales contract and the buyers’ loan process. We make sure that all of the loan activities and requirements are being performed on time.
  10. Getting your contract closed on time – No one wants to have a sale delayed. As one of the top sales teams in the area we have a lot of pull with local lenders and closing companies. We make sure that all of our associate companies understand our expectation of closing every deal on time.  It isn’t always pretty behind the scenes, but our team works hard from the very beginning of every transaction to make sure that every home closes on time.

If you are thinking about moving and selling your home, please give me a call at (757) 871-2146.  I would love to speak with you about the local housing market and how my team sells so many homes each year.  If you have a housing question, drop me an email at

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