I Don’t Want To Pick A Color For Paint Or Carpet – The Buyers Might Not Like It

If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. Sellers like to use this as an excuse why they shouldn’t spend money getting their home ready to sell.  I might pick the wrong type or color of carpet.  What if their furniture doesn’t match the paint color that I pick?

Well I don’t know what color will look best with their furniture but I do know it doesn’t go with dirty.  And I am pretty sure that they don’t make a comforter that matches stained carpet.  I definitely am sure that nothing goes with mauve – not sure what you were thinking when you picked that color but it’s gotta go.

But what color should you pick?  Neutral colors.  Pick a color that goes with everything, a light tan or off white.  Moving is a very stressful time and most buyers don’t want to undertake painting and having new carpet installed.  Even more to the point, most buyers are flat broke, they don’t have the money for carpet and paint.  Coming up with the downpayment is tough enough for most families.

So nobody is buying the fact that you are that color blind.  Here are a few colors that look good in any home.


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