What exactly do you do for your commission?

Whatever it takes.

Sunday morning heading out to church.  I decided to stop by a townhome to check on a new countertop installation.  The client had tried to sell the property for 6 months and hadn’t even received an offer.  He asked me to help and my team immediately jumped into action.

You see what most people just don’t realize is exactly how hard it is to get a home SOLD.  They think that you just pop a for sale sign in the front yard and BAM! it’s sold.  It really doesn’t work like that.  Ok you need to sit down for this one because the stats that I am going to throw out will blow you off of your feet.

In 2015, out of all of the homes that were listed in York County in the MLS, only 45% SOLD.  That’s right, less than half actually SOLD.  24% are still trying to sell, 6% are under contract and hope to close in 2016, and the rest quit trying to sell.  What does that mean to SELLERS?

Graph---PNGIt means that you have to have the best agent out there to get your home SOLD.  It means that you need someone that really cares about you and your home.  Someone that is going to drop everything on a Sunday morning and help take care of your home.

Only the best homes, priced right, and with the best marketing are selling.  We help our clients get their homes in the best condition to sell.  New carpet, paint, landscaping, pressure washing, whatever it takes to get your home in the best shape.  It’s not about if you do this you will get more money.  It’s about if you don’t do this you just won’t sell at all.

Back to my Sunday morning story.  A client has been working to get a townhome in the best shape to sell based on my advice.  He has replaced the 20 year old carpet with a great neutral carpet.  He painted everything and is installing new countertops and appliances.  To help with the costs of the improvements he sold the old appliances.  When they removed the refrigerator, the icemaker valve was completely shut off and water dripped on the floor and ran into the dining room on the brand new carpet.

When I came by to check on the new countertops, there was the puddle of water and the wet carpet.  The owner lives out of town so there was nothing that he could do.  My oldest son, Jackson and I headed to Home Depot to rent a carpet cleaner.  Carpet cleaners are awesome at extracting water from damp carpets.  That’s all they really are, a sprayer of chemicals and a super strong wet vacuum.  An hour later and we had all of the water soaked up and the carpet looks great.  With a fan on the floor to help dry the carpet and good as new.

This is all part of the service that my team offers to our clients.  Not carpet cleaning, but caring.  WE CARE.  We act like your home is our own.  We do whatever it takes to get your home SOLD, even cleaning a carpet in a suit on Sunday morning.


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