Hampton Roads Military Bases

Hampton Roads is proud to be a home to every branch of the U.S. Military. The enlisted, their families, retirees, and civil servants make up a huge part of our community and we want to serve them as well as they serve and protect us.

Here is a bit of information on each of our area’s local military installments-

Langley Air Force Base, Hampton

Langley Air Force Base is a United States Air Force that was selected to merge with nearby complimenting facilities after the BRCC in 2005. It is one of 12 joint force bases in the U.S. military. Langley is currently under the command of the Air Force Air Combat Command and is one of the more popular Air Force bases in the U.S.

Fort Eustis Army Base, Newport News

Fort Eustis is part of the now merged Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Fort Eustis is a joint facility catering to all branches of the military with the Air Force and Army making up the majority of its population. Fort Eustis is a prime location for training military service members in a variety of fields such as logistics, transportation, aviation maintenance, and deployment doctrine. Fort Eustis is primarily used for training in transportation fields and helicopter maintenance. It is also home to the Transportation Regiment and excellent for Naval and Coast Guard activities due to its proximity to the James River.

Finance Center Coast Guard Base, Chesapeake

Finance Center is an institution spreading around the U.S. and operated by the Coast Guard with its headquarters located in Chesapeake. It is the most important funds management unit in the U.S. Coast Guard and is often associated with plenty of operations including search and rescue missions and environmental actions. Another important duty of this center is to organize and distribute all of the money flowing in from the U.S. government. As money is allocated, the Finance Center distributes it accordingly then oversees and evaluates each facility for effectiveness.

Training Center Yorktown Coast Guard Base, Yorktown

The Training Center is one of the most important training sites for U.S. Coast Guard troops. Only two other similar facilities exist in the nation. The TC hosts 7 schools that train in post operations, boatswains, electrical, gunners, marine and machinery techs, and damage control. The school is open to American citizens as well as foreign members of the Coast Guard.

Fort Story, Little Creek

Fort Story is another joint expeditionary base which is located along the Chesapeake Bay at Camp Henry in the city of Virginia Beach. It is the only U.S. Army base of its king, consisting of many unique types of terrain that are useful Army training grounds. Spreading over more than 1,450 acres of open land, sandy marsh, sand dunes, beaches, and sea, it is the perfect training ground for amphibious operations and cargo transfer practice.

Medical Center Portsmouth Navy Base, Portsmouth

Medical Center Portsmouth is one of the most important health care facilities in the U.S. The hospital is operated by the Navy and is the oldest continuously working clinic in the branch. With more than 4,000 workers keeping doors open since 1827, they are the first and the finest.

Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Norfolk

NAB Little Creek is the most important military installation the Amphibious Forces in the Atlantic fleet can rely on. The base covers 4 locations spread over 3 states. The Little Creek installation itself covers almost 10 square kilometers. The base houses many civilian workers and independent contractors. There are almost 30 ships hosted on site and close to 80 services and centers. It is a Joint Expeditionary Base with Little Creek-Fort Story.

Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach

The primary mission of the Naval Air Station is to train and deploy the strike fighter squadrons of the Atlantic Fleet. The facility supports up to 219,000 flight training operations annually.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth

This U.S. Navy industrial installation is the largest of its kind in the Navy. There are around 10 notable ships hosted at the Shipyard, including the USS Chesapeake, USS Arizona, USS Raleigh, USS Alabama, and more.

Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk

The Naval Station is responsible for operations in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. It is currently the largest naval facility in the world with 11 hangars and 14 piers. It can host more than 130 aircrafts, not to mention about 75 ships along its piers. Over 3,000 ships come and leave this base yearly and there are about 275 flights each day.

Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown

This Navy installation spreads over 2 counties, James City and York, and is near Camp Peary. It is surround by amazing natural landscapes and near much colonial history. The NWS is responsible for storing huge deposits of ammunition and weapons. The base works under the Department of Defense under the U.S. Navy and supports both institutions.
**All information presented was found on www.militarybases.com/virginia**


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