Home Buying Timeline

Helping families find their perfect home is our primary goal.

  1. Start with a REALTOR® you trust.
  2. Meet with a preferred lender and get pre-approved for a home loan.
  3. You and your REALTOR® determine your property needs and wants.
  4. Choose your top properties of interest and view them with your REALTOR®.
  5. FOUND A HOME! You select your ideal property.
  6. Your REALTOR® will write an offer to purchase and negotiate its terms.
  7. Your REALTOR® will help you schedule and attend your home inspection.
  8. Select a closing attorney or title company.
  9. Your appraisal will be ordered.
  10. Finalize loan documents.
  11. Complete final walkthrough.
  12. CLOSING! Sign your final closing and loan documents.
  13. Move in and enjoy your new home.
  14. Refer your friends and family to Reames Realty Group.


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